Rehabilitation physiotherpay focusses on increasing the possibilities of people with permanent physical injury or functional limitations. Rehabilitation concerns complex problems following sickness, accident or congenital disease.

An important part of rehabilitation is integrated care. Integrated care is a collaboration between hospitals, general practitioners, homecare and if necessary rehabilitation centres. Elmer Tiebackx also works at Sophia Rehabilitation which ensures a close partnership.

The physiotherapy within the rehabilitation department focusses on mapping and treating fall risk, decreased mobility, decreased activity, decreased condition and loss of function following neurological diseases, traumatic accidents or geriatric problems.

The goal is to increase day to day actions and social function and teach patients to deal with permanent results if recovery is not possible.

A rehabilitation physiotherapist has the same competencies as a regular physiotherapist with a couple of extra possibilities:

  • The newest knowledge of diseases like stroke, brain injury, amputations, paraplegia, Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Frequent contact with colleagues in integrated care.
  • Optimal use of the technical possibilities of for example prosthetics and orthoses.