Psychosomatic physiotherapy focuses on the fact that the body, the thoughts and the feelings function as a whole in a continuous interaction with the surroundings. The body is thought of as a carrier of important experience and is thus an important source of self-knowledge. Our thoughts and feelings are experienced and expressed in the body. But life may demand “bad things” to be put aside.

When the breath is held and the muscles are strained, stress, fear and unrest are rejected for a certain time tensions that are held over time have an effect upon the balance, breath and the availability of thoughts and feelings. When tensions are not regulated with release, and accustomed tension is developed. This accustomed tension may develop to chronic pain that alters the experience of the body and affects the self-esteem and the body.

During psychological disorders, problems with the body are often parts of the symptoms. There is also a lot of research within psychological illnesses that shows that adapted physical activity together with other treatment reduces the symptoms and encourages rehabilitation. I the event of a disease difficult feelings and body changes may be important issues, and the treatment may contribute to a better body- and emotional balance.

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