Pelvic physiotherapy concentrates on problems with the pelvis, lower back or stomach. These areas can cause complaints of the pelvic floor muscles and vice versa. Because the lower stomach organs (bladder, uterus, intestines and prostate) are related to the pelvic floor muscles, they can cause complaints with urination, stool and making love. Complaints in this area can also arise after pregnancy, giving birth or post-operative. These problems can occur in women, men and children.

Pelvic physiotherapy focusses on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and stabilizing the pelvis and lower back in complaints as

  • unwanted urination and/or stool,
  • non repressible urge to urinate and or stool,
  • difficulty passing stool,
  • prolapse of the bladder, uterus of intestines,
  • pain in de lower abdomen, around the anus or genitals,
  • pain during intercourse, if to do with pelvic floor,
  • complaints after lower abdomen surgery,
  • pelvic pain in the period around and after pregnancy and giving birth,
  • complaints during pregnancy and birth.