When are you entitled for compensation?

There is a difference between chronic and non-chronic complaints. A chronic complaint is reimbursed from the base insurance from the 21st treatment (if you have not paid your own-risk for the year this will have to be paid first before the insurance will pay for your treatments).

The first 20 treatment are reimbursed out of your additional insurance. If your additional insurance does not cover (all 20 of your) physiotherapy you will be given an invoice. The chronic complaints can be found on the following website:


If you do not have a chronic complaint, the treatments will be reimbursed by the additional insurance ( if you are insured for physiotherapy). If the treatment are not (fully) reimbursed by your insurance you will be given an invoice.

Fees physiotherapy and specialized physiotherapy

If the costs for a treatment are to be paid by the client, the fees are used which the insurance company would reimburse. These fees are different for each insurance company.

If you do not have a base insurance with a Dutch insurance company the following fees apply:

Physiotherapy - € 35,00
Specialized physiotherapy - € 47,00
Screening direct accessibility - € 20,00
Intake and physical examination after screening - € 35,00
Intake and physical examination after referral - € 45,00
Additional charge for treatment at home / institute - € 20,00
Phone consultation - €17,50
Basic reports - € 35,00
Extensive, time-consuming reports- € 105,00

Check with your physical therapist if he has a contract with your health insurer

*Pay attention: If you fail to show up at your appointment or cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before, the full cost of the appointment will be charged to you.